You’ll get a great deal with any of our three courses.

So if you are new to TEFL, or experienced in teaching abroad, we’ve got you covered.

  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • full support from dedicated tutor
  • accredited provider
  • free employment advice
  • opens up 1000s of jobs abroad

TEFL is an incredible way to travel the world whilst earning money at the same time. With the 120 Hour Online Course under your belt you will be qualified to teach in some of the world’s greatest travel destinations.

The course is packed with everything you need to begin teaching in the classroom. Whether you are a TEFL beginner or already equipped with some teaching experience, it is the essential qualification to begin your worldwide adventure.

Conveniently access your TEFL course from anywhere in the world, and on any device including mobile and tablet. Study through 10 online modules written by TEFL experts whilst receiving full support from your personal online tutor.

The 120 Hour Online TEFL Course is recognised and accepted across the world as a quality teaching qualification. Once you complete the course, the doors will open to 1000’s of teaching positions across the globe.

  • internationally recognised
  • intensive 2 day course
  • enhanced personal development
  • greater chance of getting a job
  • secure a higher salary

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, a test of English for education, immigration and professional accreditation. It is highly regarded by employers globally as the perfect addition to a TEFL course. But why take this? The answer is simple:The number of people sitting the IELTS exam to enable them to study or work worldwide is ever increasing. And therefore the supply of IELTS preparation teachers (that’s you) needs to meet the demand. Once completed, you will be able to help your students to prepare for their IELTS exam.

IELTS is recognised by over 8,000 professional institutions worldwide with over 2 million people sitting the IELTS exam in the last year alone. The intensive IELTS weekend course will put you at a greater advantage when applying for your dream job abroad. Be one step ahead of your peers.

The aim of this course is to gain a thorough understanding of IELTS and to fully prepare international students to undertake the exam with confidence. The IELTS preparation course is suitable for:

  • Inexperienced TEFL teachers.
  • Experienced TEFL teachers who want to revise and extend their skills in teaching IELTS.

Upon completion of the weekend you will be awarded the “IELTS Preparation Certificate”. Throughout the course you will learn the following:

  • Fully understand the IELTS exam and requirements for test takers
  • Thoroughly understand the skills being assessed
  • Use practical strategies and activities to help your students approach the test tasks with confidence
  • Identify potential problems your students may encounter while preparing for the exam
  • Reflect on your existing teaching methods and consider areas for development
  • secure your job abroad
  • enhanced personal development
  • greater chance of getting a job
  • secure a higher salary
  • intensive training into the world
    of teaching abroad
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