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EFL Teaching : China Vs Thailand


Many TEFLers who want to experience teaching in Asia find themselves torn between several destination such as Thailand, China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, with each one offering a unique cultural experience and its own set of pros and cons.

To help you better understand the different benefits of (more…)

TEFL Teaching in Shanghai

One of the most fascinating cities in the East, Shanghais the showcase town of 21st century China.   And it would appear that mixed in with its insatiable desire for all things modern, the city is desperately trying to attract good quality English teachers. The demand for learning English is now at an all time high, and Shanghai is definitely the place to go for high paying teaching work, and the opportunity (more…)

Get Paid to Teach English after University say LoveTEFL

Traditional gap years once considered rites of passage for most students are now being reconsidered in favour of working gap years abroad after university says LoveTEFL.

The growing trend for students taking a gap year after their A-Levels has been reported to have declined after universities started charging up to £9000 per year for tuition fees in 2012.

Although gap years were once deemed (more…)

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