What makes a great TEFL teacher in Ireland?

Great tefl teachers often find their classes and environment positively  and fun places to work and place a high value on the relationships they form with both their students and colleagues. One-to-one teaching can also be enjoyable since you have a better chance to get to know your students.

As competition for jobs has increased working conditions have not improved.There is a growing tendency for EFL teachers to be offered non-contract freelance work, with no guarantee of teaching hours making it necessary for them to work for more than one employer just to make a decent living. Job security is a scarce commodity. Part time or freelance TEFL teachers miss out on all of the benefits of a full time contract TEFL teacher such as bonus, accommodation and holiday pay.

The job of teaching is demanding; it demands energy, enthusiasm, and imagination, which are not always easy to produce in a classroom of stonily silent faced  students. Like most jobs when done right, teaching English is no piece of cake and is at times discouraging, but inevitably it has it’s golden moments. Take one of our TEFL courses in Belfast, Dublin, or Galway and you could be teaching English in Greece this year

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